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Fantastic News: Website a Winner!

by | Jun 26, 2018 | In the Media, THE LATEST | 0 comments

Fantastic NEWS! Website a Winner

Thanks to my web designers Swag Design Factory, I have just won GWA’s top prize for Digital Media: Best Individual Website. GWA Media Awards is the only national online media awards program for the gardening communications industry. Held annually for more than 20 years, the GWA Media Awards have recognized the top professional horticultural communicators in the areas of writing, photography, digital media, broadcast media, publishing and trade.

In other words  I have been noticed by my peers for the quality and design of my page. GWA is an international organization and there were 260 entries for awards this year so I feel special! Thanks to Swag Design Factory designer Liz and computer programmer Barry who did all the great design and behind the scenes  programming to make my page so good.

The actual award will be presented in Chicago this summer and I won’t be able to travel there because of scheduling conflicts but I hope to get the fancy award in the mail and share it with fans here!

PS Do you have questions about Gardening? Join in the conversation on my facebook live event every Monday by clicking right HERE.


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