Three-Year Gardener’s Gratitude Journal: Part Diary, Part Personal Growing Guide


Stop writing on seed packets or scraps of paper and start journaling like you really mean it. Engaging artwork, growing tips, words of wisdom and weekly garden good news stories are all included.
Keep a record of your garden and your life for three years: record the dates you seeded, when you harvested and what surprised and delighted you. All in one place.

Paper back 7” x 10”, 240 pages

The Garden Journal is written, designed and printed in Canada!



THREE YEAR GARDENER’S GRATITUDE JOURNAL Part Diary, Part Personal Growing Guide Start recording your growing hits, misses and memories right now· Track your growing success with this three-year, well-organized layout · Benefit from the friendly prompts found at the start of each month · Laugh out loud and learn something new while reading the 48 garden good news stories

5 reviews for Three-Year Gardener’s Gratitude Journal: Part Diary, Part Personal Growing Guide

  1. Donna

    “I borrowed your book from my neighbour and I love it so much, I want my own copy…. I’m super excited about starting my own wee vegetable garden for the first time … ”

  2. Donna

    Hello Donna,
    I am thrilled to let you know my husband brought in the mail yesterday evening and I found my book this morning at our kitchen nook.
    I couldn’t wait to get home from work today and open it. What a beautiful and fun journal. Reading the stories made me laugh out loud. The placenta story in particular.
    Now I am regretting cancelling my “accidental” second order! I will be purchasing another copy next week for my mother and possibly my sister as well.
    Love it! You made my day with this treasure.
    Hope you have a wonderful week.
    You certainly made mine with your talents in making this journal
    It’s like having a great friend with you while planning planting and dreaming of gardens.
    ~ Sincerely, Terri C. Kelowna, BC.

  3. Donna

    This is the book that keeps you ‘on course’ in your garden. By tracking your progress, not only will you see the results, but you will have a fantastic guide of your successes for the next growing season to come! Get journaling…AND gardening with the help of these wonderful experts!”
    ~ Carson Arthur, Outdoor Lifestyle Expert, HGTV and Cityline

  4. Donna

    “We love the fun, friendly look and attitude of the [Three Year]
    Gardener’s Gratitude Journal!”
    ~ Helen Battersby and Sarah Battersby,

  5. Donna

    … perfect for all gardeners – there is great information provided, it’s a beautiful layout, [and] an all-around cheerful and enjoyable journal. …It’s an original approach to a garden journal and would make an excellent gift.
    ~ Colleen Zacharias, Winnipeg Free Press Homes

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