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If you want to get casually involved in gardening for the first time, or you are a master gardener ready to improve your skills, I’ve put together a selection of blogs and videos to help you grow.


This is all about creative ways to grow potatoes. No space? No problem! Use wire fence planters you can make yourself to expand your growing area right now. Who says your urban farm can’t grow up? Try this method today to increase your harvest in a small area.


In this No Guff Gardening series is the top secret of all organic gardeners. Row covers keep bugs out and crops warm. The three products Donna likes include Grownet, Proteknet and Reemay. Find out why. and make sure to let me know what you want to learn next. I help gardeners grow!

Garden Writers Visit Buffalo

GWA members were in Buffalo, New York last week to see the gardens and learn the trade. Here are some images from my trip to Buffalo

Puppy Love – A New Dog For Donna

Yes I said I was getting a new puppy and no, I didn’t say I was getting a gardening puppy. I was looking for a rodent-catching pet. I know most people would consider a cat a better choice but I have a problem with cats killing birds so I wanted a dog.
In upcoming news our Lagotto has been booked into her first event. The Errington Mushroom Festival on October 15, 2017 is a chance for interested wild food collectors to find out what mushrooms grow in the Coombs/Errington area. This year there will be a talk about Lagottos and Corle will be there showcasing the breed. Not because she is good at truffle hunting or anything but she is a willing participant and that’s all you can expect from a puppy.

Raspberry Trouble – I am not alone with bad raspberries this year

If you love raspberries and want even more fruit then do as I say, not as I do! This year moisture is in short supply for our fruit trees and berries. I use to have an irrigation system on my raspberry patch at my new-to-me old house in Qualicum Beach. We even installed a big seven foot –tall structure to stop the tall plants from flopping over. But last year we tore apart the old irrigation system because it was so leaky and out of date and wasteful. Note to self: that was a mistake.

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My co-author Steven Biggs and I wrote this graphic-novel-meets-gardening-book, where we take no prisoners: we say what we think, pointing out the folly of garden perfectionism, soil hypochondriacs, and front-yard veggie-phobics.
Why? There’s more than one way to grow a tomato and more than one way to garden.

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“This is a colorful, wildly whimsical book about gardening! …every single page bursts with information & fun design. The stated goal of the book is “to empower gardeners with practical, No Guff gardening advice.” Mission accomplished.”
Urban Farm Magazine

“Occasionally in a librarian’s life…a book will arrive that causes immediate bibliomania. A book that is so different, so appealing, and upon reading it, so completely perfect, that it must be shown with great excitement to everyone who loves books.”
Susan Yates, Gabriola Sounder Review

“In this charming, zestful and funny book, Donna & Steve de-bunk false garden advice, gadgets, gimmicks & claims while providing great information and wisdom for both the beginner and experienced gardener. Highly recommended!”
Michelle and Rob Avis, Verge Permaculture Inc.

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My parents and grandparents grew a garden to survive. I garden to feel more alive!

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