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These tips will help you grow the "CLEANEST", strongest and most productive vegetable patch ever.



If you want to get casually involved in gardening for the first time, or you are a master gardener ready to improve your skills, I’ve put together a selection of blogs and videos to help you grow.


This is all about creative ways to grow potatoes. No space? No problem! Use wire fence planters you can make yourself to expand your growing area right now. Who says your urban farm can’t grow up? Try this method today to increase your harvest in a small area.


In this No Guff Gardening series is the top secret of all organic gardeners. Row covers keep bugs out and crops warm. The three products Donna likes include Grownet, Proteknet and Reemay. Find out why. and make sure to let me know what you want to learn next. I help gardeners grow!

Soil Research: Improve Your Soil, Improve Our World

Soil Research shows improving Your Garden Soil by adding organic matter improves the world by reducing climate change. New York Times writer Kendra Pierre-Louis says soil research shows ordinary back yards are more likely to reduce climate change over parks. This isn’t the first time I have heard of gardeners saving the world one back yard at a time….”Terra Pretta: How the World’s Most Fertile Soil Can Help Reverse Climate Change” impressed me last year. Adding Biochar is one way to permanently boost carbon in the soil and take carbon out of the air.

Work This Winter

I was asked to mentor youth as part of the Goodseeds program earlier this winter and I wondered what two students and I would do together for a week once my shed was clean and shears sharpened. It was snowy outdoors so we couldn’t attack my unlimited weeding. I had to get more creative….

It is Easy Being Green – In March

So recently there was some humble pie served in our kitchen. My Helpful Husband did a price check and found out butternut squash costs more than ten dollars each last week. I am bad with numbers so it might have been 12 dollars or 17 dollars – I can’t remember exactly. What I do remember is that when we first discussed Helpful Husband’s cost-efficient, engineered solution to gardening it was fall and squash were falling off trucks and being virtually given away by farmers. He couldn’t see why I bothered to grow them…. I understand the trend where farmers grow only the most cost-efficient crops on their land and I see where Helpful Husband was going with his gentle suggestion. He wants me to be a farmer. But then again he wouldn’t let me cash in the house to buy that small farm

Follow my blogs and videos, and just get growing.

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