Where: CBC Radio Across AlbertaWhen:October 5, 2018What: Garden Phone-In Radio Show on CBC Radio

Where: CBC Radio Across Alberta
When:October 5, 2018
What: Garden Phone-In Radio Show on CBC Radio

Donna Balzer’s LAST APPEARANCE OF THE YEAR on CBC in Alberta.
Alberta at Noon CBC Radio Horticultural Experts answer your garden Questions. If you want to chat with me call today – September 28 -between 12:30 and 1:00 PM Mountain Time, call ‭1 (403) 521-6200 or Tweet @Albertaatnoon today. Share your garden ideas  and discuss the most environmentally effective solution to your garden problems.
Wrapping it Up: What did you learn in the garden this summer and how can you keep the excitement going? Tips & tricks including your favourite varieties shared.

Where: Global TV CalgaryWhen:July 28, 2018What: Gardening with kids & growing cauliflower

Where: Global TV Calgary
When:July 28, 2018
What: Gardening with kids & growing cauliflower

Author of Three Year Gardeners Gratitude Journal, Donna Balzer, explains vegetable gardening tips for growing Cauliflower and getting kids involved on Global TV. Gardening  expert brings you the latest vegetable gardening information, inspires you to grow great Cauliflower, get your kids involved in gardening and use the fantastic new Three Year Gardeners Gratitude Journal.