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Inspiration to grow comes from within. But how do you convince yourself to take charge of your health, and get growing right now? Donna brings ideas to the table and salts talks with personal stories.


  • The number one tip for success in the garden that most people ignore
  • How our happiness is linked to the garden
  • How growing what you love is a great start but growing what the world grows badly is better.


– Speaking Topics –

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Anyone can grow a potato or a strawberry plant but can you grow them under trees, in a straw bale, or on a fence? Join story-telling gardener Donna Balzer as she reveals fun growing secrets to make use all the nooks and crannies in your condo, balcony or large scale garden this summer. Using cow panels, straw bales and rain gutters grow forward next year. This entertaining new presentation is full of tips to grow common foods in uncommon ways.

Truth is stranger than fiction so this talk also includes the latest ideas from 5,000 years ago and the hidden ingredients in organic fertilizers that will help you grow food faster.

Why grow like everyone else? This talk will help you reach new goals in your garden regardless of its size this season.

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Healthy soils build happy gardeners Keen gardeners know their soils impact everything they do in their yards from establishing trees to growing pest-free crops. Discover the benefits of different soils and their components. How do changing conditions in soils change the health of your food and your personal happiness? What is the role of mushrooms and how can we employ them to make our gardens a bigger success?

– Biography –

Donna Balzer, BSc delivers the goods on gardening simply and efficiently so that everyone can grow their own food. Exotic lemons, Thai limes and coffee grow beside ordinary crops like raspberries, lettuce and potatoes in Donna’s home and garden. Her broad media experience includes co-hosting the internationally aired HGTV show “Bugs & Blooms”, frequent appearances on podcasts and radio, and author of No Guff Vegetable Gardening and the Three Year Gardener’s Gratitude Journal.

Donna lives with her Helpful Husband, Keith and perfect puppy, Corle. She has 2 greenhouses, 12 grandchildren, 2 grand-dogs and 3 grand-cats.

Horticulturist, keynote speaker, author and farmer’s daughter, Donna Balzer started with a degree in Agriculture and is now an award-winning media personality with loads of experience in the garden and loads left to learn.

– Audience and Client Experiences –

Audience and Client Experiences

“Such a great night! Thank you so much [for the workshop]. You are AMAZING!!! What a fantastic vibe the whole evening!”
Cheers, Rob Gray, Asset Management, ScotiaMcLeod

“You have a wonderful, relaxed, engaging presentation style. It was a pleasure to hear you in Hillcrest last weekend. As a presenter for over forty years, I recognize the good ones!”
Susan, Hillcrest, Alberta

“You were Brilliant, absolutely brilliant”
Sheila Woolnar, program participant

“You exceeded our wildest expectations. Most of our speakers don’t work the crowd so well.”
David from Christ Church, Calgary

“I thought your seminar was just amazing. People were engaged. You presented things really well; I loved the visuals and we all learned a lot!”
Lita Kaback Coordinator, 2016 Health and Wellness Fair, Parksville, BC

“It was nice to meet you and to listen to your talk in Fort St. John. It is so nice to hear a realistic approach to gardening that keeps the enjoyment in it. Keep up the excellent work of sharing info!”
Janice D., Fort St. John, B.C.

“Good morning Donna! I just wanted to thank you so much for your presentation last night! As someone who doesn’t garden and often kills my house plants I was truly inspired last night to keep trying and even perhaps take the leap to growing something my family and I can enjoy eating. (You can quote me on that lol)”
Cindy Bond S.S.W.(She/Her)
Community Educator and Caregiver Support Coordinator
Alzheimer Society of Calgary

Just had to drop you a note to say how very much we enjoyed you and your presentation on Monday evening. Brilliant idea!!”

“… a huge thank you for helping to make Seedy Saturday 2018 a huge success… I loved your enthusiasm, humour and vast knowledge on gardening tips that everyone can use. We couldn’t have asked for better attendance- not one empty seat and a crowd standing in the back. You were a sellout!!!!!”
Your Seedy Saturday Speaker Coordinator, Barbara

“Honestly, I know you take your act on the road but not only are you full of incredible, practical information but you are hilarious, warm, approachable, friendly and loads of fun. I’d like to have dinner around your table some evening. Thanks again for a fantastic evening. If you can get me excited and motivated about gardening you have reached the top!!!”
Sandy (& Don too), Calgary

– Event Speaking FAQ’s – 

Event Speaking FAQ’s 

Special Needs & Special Requests
  1. I express myself with my hands! Please provide hands-free microphone
  2. I use a Mac computer and iPad but I have all the special gear to make it work.
  3. I love to incorporate questions from the audience and some people are too shy to ask. Please provide a white board and pens to track questions.
  4. Please make water available during the talk
  5. Please ensure there is a replacement bulb available for your projector before I arrive and a technician with the tools to change the bulb if necessary.
  6. I prefer a local hotel or a bed and breakfast when travelling. This allows me time for last minute preparations and review of materials in the quiet of my room. Hotels and flights as well as mileage are charged as expenses to program.
Speaking Fees
Donna has restricted her travel during the growing season due to her own gardening schedule. Please be aware fees are higher during her key gardening season from May to September.
For a fee schedule and speaking contract please contact Donna here:

To book Donna through the Speaker’s Bureau of Canada follow the links: //speakerscanada.com/

I am an experienced media expert and would be happy to speak to local print, radio, and television media to help you promote your event in advance. Please ask if you want me to work with your local media.

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