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2018 – The Year of the Beet!

2018 – The Year of the Beet!

The National Garden Bureau has named the Beet Vegetable of the year for 2018. Are you growing beets this year? Why? Why not? West coast gardeners struggle with this one because it needs at least balanced pH to thrive. Some gardeners find they are brown in the middle and don’t store well. These are both soil problems. Find out more about growing beets here and learn why one new variety isn’t new at all but it is special.

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What Are Your Doing in Your Garden Today?

What Are Your Doing in Your Garden Today?

Since I started tracking how and when I plant my garden I have noticed growing garden awareness. I now know my garden grows about six butternut squash per plant per year and my family only eats one winter squash a month, year-round. So I only need two butternut squash. Have you started tracking your garden hits and misses? It’s time!

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Guest Blog: Lessons Learned Growing onions, a long-season crop

Guest Blog: Lessons Learned Growing onions, a long-season crop

The season for growing onions, shallots and leeks is fast approaching. Al Chomica, a home gardener in Nanoose, has shared his success in this blog post. Personally, I do great with leeks, shallots and garlic but the big white or yellow onions have been smaller than I like and I still have to buy onions for cooking in winter and spring.
Al shares his onion expertise here in a guest blog… Let me know what you think. I also included some info from a Calgary grower, Dawn Sharpe, who also does an amazing job with onions. If you are growing in a cooler climate, see the bottom of this article where Dawn weighs in with his timelines and varieties for the prairies.

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