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BIG Potato Bake-Off:  Flavour Favourites Compete

BIG Potato Bake-Off: Flavour Favourites Compete

I grew several kinds of potatoes this year and today – when it was too late to cook and taste and test them all side by side I decided to do a big dig and partial taste test. I say partial because we have already eaten all the Russian Norkatah and totally forgot about the Linzer Delicatus and tiny Russian Bananas growing in a different area under a tree. Love those root pouches but if you get lazy and don’t water them the plants might die prematurely. Mine did.

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Fabulous News! New Book in the Works

Fabulous News! New Book in the Works

Do you want to write your own book, record your own hits and misses, track your own milestones? Then the Gardeners Gratitude Journal is for you. We are adding Gardening Good News stories, timely tips and helpful quotes but leaving plenty of space so you can record your own garden memories.

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Calgary Reader Sends Her Own Version of Glass Flowers Complete With Instructions!

Calgary Reader Sends Her Own Version of Glass Flowers Complete With Instructions!

Do you want to make your own glass-dish flowers for the garden? Artist Wendy Savi Start suggests you start off with clean dishes so that the silicone will adhere. “I often give the dishes a wipe with rubbing alcohol after I wash them.” Play around with your arrangement till you find something that works for you. Silicone the dishes together with GE Clear Silicone II and let the arrangement set for a day. Don’t be skimpy with the silicone! Read More…

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Puppy Love – A New Dog For Donna

Puppy Love – A New Dog For Donna

Yes I said I was getting a new puppy and no, I didn’t say I was getting a gardening puppy. I was looking for a rodent-catching pet. I know most people would consider a cat a better choice but I have a problem with cats killing birds so I wanted a dog.
In upcoming news our Lagotto has been booked into her first event. The Errington Mushroom Festival on October 15, 2017 is a chance for interested wild food collectors to find out what mushrooms grow in the Coombs/Errington area. This year there will be a talk about Lagottos and Corle will be there showcasing the breed. Not because she is good at truffle hunting or anything but she is a willing participant and that’s all you can expect from a puppy.

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