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Under Cover: Lemons in Qualicum Beach in the Fall

Under Cover: Lemons in Qualicum Beach in the Fall

My recent video is based on the good work of Bob Duncan at Fruit Trees and More in Saanich, B.C., Canada. Bob showed me his set-up four years ago. He has been inspiring gardeners to grow lemons and limes for years and a couple of years ago when we last spoke, he harvested 120 lemons per tree, in February. Of course we modified his efforts because we don’t have an acreage or a likely hot spot.

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Street Art Montreal

Street Art Montreal

In Montreal, Claude Cormier once again uses colour as a way to draw you through a display. TOM’s are temporary overlay markers, used in road construction. Cormier placed the TOMs on the road beside the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts in Montreal. We literally stumbled on it one sunny afternoon….

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BIG Potato Bake-Off:  Flavour Favourites Compete

BIG Potato Bake-Off: Flavour Favourites Compete

I grew several kinds of potatoes this year and today – when it was too late to cook and taste and test them all side by side I decided to do a big dig and partial taste test. I say partial because we have already eaten all the Russian Norkatah and totally forgot about the Linzer Delicatus and tiny Russian Bananas growing in a different area under a tree. Love those root pouches but if you get lazy and don’t water them the plants might die prematurely. Mine did.PS Check out the photo of the bright pink rare and new on the market AmaRosa potato shared by my daughter. I did not grow that one yet!

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Fabulous News! New Book in the Works

Fabulous News! New Book in the Works

Do you want to write your own book, record your own hits and misses, track your own milestones? Then the Gardeners Gratitude Journal is for you. We are adding Gardening Good News stories, timely tips and helpful quotes but leaving plenty of space so you can record your own garden memories.

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