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Where: Seattle Northwest Flower & Garden Show
When: February 10, 2018
What: Speaking

If you garden and you are limited to doing one thing, you must build better soil. But if you can do five things, you can build soil, add garden covers, plant vertical and pop-up gardens, juggle planting dates to stagger harvest and start saving the world one honeybee at a time. Get inspired and use your money and time to grow more food today.
Rainier Room 10:30 AM February 10, 2018

Where: Wildwood Community Centre (4411 Spruce Dr SW)
When:March 16, 2018
What: Book Launch for Three Year Gardener’s Gratitude Journal

Are you looking forward to spring gardening but trying to remember what and how you got growing last year? With the Three Year Gardener Gratitude Journal as your guide you will never be left wondering what to do. Take the guesswork out of gardening by tracking your own garden hits and misses over time. Meet the authors, who are also gardeners, join us for a short garden talk, snacks, entertainment and a book signing with case lot deals and drinks.

Past Appearances

Where: Munson Hall, County of Starland, Alberta
When: April 8, 2017
What: Prescription for Success: Healthy soils build happy gardeners

Keen gardeners know their soils impact everything they do in their yards from establishing trees to growing pest-free crops. Discover the benefits of different soils and their components. How do changing conditions in soils change the health of your food and your personal happiness? What is the role of mushrooms and how can we employ them to make our gardens a bigger success? (followed by a hands-on mushroom building class)

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