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Where: Vancouver Island Mini-Gardening Conference
When:October 28, 2018
What: Put Your Money Where Your Mouth is: Grow Food

“Navigating Garden Myths” mini-conference is an all-day event with a really exciting lineup of speakers including author Donna Balzer; Linda Chalker-Scott from WSU, Seattle; Douglas Justice, UBC; Shannon Berch, UVic; Danny Fortin & Shawn Tillapaugh ; and Jeffrey de Jong, Victoria. This conference is the first one to be organized and sponsored by MARS. Join us.

Where: Munson Hall, County of Starland, Alberta
When: April 8, 2017
What: Prescription for Success: Healthy soils build happy gardeners

Keen gardeners know their soils impact everything they do in their yards from establishing trees to growing pest-free crops. Discover the benefits of different soils and their components. How do changing conditions in soils change the health of your food and your personal happiness? What is the role of mushrooms and how can we employ them to make our gardens a bigger success? (followed by a hands-on mushroom building class)

Where: Calgary Horticulture Society Spring Garden Show at Spruce Meadows
When: April 29, 2017
What: Put Your Money where your mouth is – Five tips to grow a better garden life

If you garden and you are limited to doing one thing, you must build better soil. But if you can do five things, you can build soil, add garden covers, plant vertical and pop-up gardens, juggle planting dates to stagger harvest and start saving the world one honeybee at a time. Growing a better garden and creating a perfect life are like hugs and kisses – they just go together. Get inspired to grow more today. Sign up here.

Where: Victoria Seedy Saturday
When: February 18,2017
What: No Space? No Problem:

Cultivate creatively in vertical gardens Multiply your yields faster than breeding bunnies without expanding your space. Let food spill over your deck or patio, climb up your wall, or push into that skinny space between wall and fence. Growing food more creatively by growing vertically lets you raise more edibles in a smaller space than you thought possible. Tips, techniques and handouts guarantee great success this season.

Past Appearances

Where: 770 Lets Talk Gardening Radio Show
When:May 6, 2018
What: Garden Phone-In Radio Show on 770 Radio

Horticultural Experts Joanne Dafoe and Meryl Coombs chat with Donna Balzer at 10:00 AM (MST) live on Sunday morning May 6th, 2018. We’ll talk about the Three Year Gardener’s Gratitude Journal: Part Diary, Part Personal Growing Guide and any other garden question you have in mind! Don’t miss out. Call in to the show at 403-974-8255 between 10:00 AM and 10:30 on May 6th to chat with Donna.

Where: CBC Radio Across BC
When:May 19, 2018
What:It’s the Long Weekend – Is it Warm Enough to Plant?

Horticultural Expert Donna Balzer chats with CBC host Sheryl Mackay on the long weekend – May 19th, 2018. We’ll chat about gardening in British Columbia over the long weekend and the launch of Donna’s new facebook LIVE event on Monday May 21, 2018 on her facebook page ! Don’t miss out. Listen up to see what you can and can’t do this weekend if you live and garden in BC.

Where: CBC Radio Across BC
When: June 9, 2018
What: Is it too late to plant?

Horticultural Expert Donna Balzer chats with CBC host Sheryl Mackay on June 9th, 2018. We’ll chat about gardening in British Columbia and little jobs in the garden coming up this month. Remember to watch Donna’s new facebook LIVE event on Mondays at 3 PM Pacific time or 4 PM Mountain time. Listen up to see what you can and can’t do this weekend if you live and garden in BC.

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