No Guff Vegetable Gardening book

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Graphic Novel meets gardening:
Interested in growing vegetables but feeling a bit overwhelmed?
Or maybe you’re a savvy vegetable gardener looking for delicious tips and anecdotes?
No Guff Vegetable Gardening is a book that…
Helps you think about how to garden successfully.
Is opinionated and fun and is really, really practical
There’s more than one way to grow a tomato and more than one way to garden.
Paperback 160 pages.



My co-author Steven Biggs and I wrote this graphic-novel-meets gardening-book, where we take no prisoners: we say what we think, pointing out the folly of garden perfectionism, soil hypochondriacs, and front-yard veggie-phobics. Why? There’s more than one way to grow a tomato and more than one way to garden.

5 reviews for No Guff Vegetable Gardening book

  1. Tif McNaughton (verified owner)

    I’m buying this book again because I keep giving it away to friends and family who fall in love with it. I’ve literally lost count of how many copies I’ve purchased by now. As a renter who has lived in several growing zones this has been my go-to for accurate, accessible advice on tending to each garden I’ve inherited; and some of them have been quite neglected!

  2. Donna

    “In this charming, zestful and funny book, Donna & Steve de-bunk false garden advice, gadgets, gimmicks & claims while providing great information and wisdom for both the beginner and experienced gardener. Highly recommended!” Michelle and Rob Avis, Verge Permaculture Inc.

  3. Donna

    “Occasionally in a librarian’s life…a book will arrive that causes immediate bibliomania. A book that is so different, so appealing, and upon reading it, so completely perfect, that it must be shown with great excitement to everyone who loves books.” Susan Yates, Gabriola Sounder Review

  4. Donna

    “This is a colorful, wildly whimsical book about gardening! …every single page bursts with information & fun design.
    The stated goal of the book is “to empower gardeners with practical, No Guff gardening advice.” Mission accomplished.”
    Urban Farm Magazine

  5. Donna

    “At last a book about vegetable gardening that doesn’t take itself so seriously…. The Fun charm of this book is that it’s a lot of fun to explore visual; easy to read even if you aren’t a vegetable Gardener; and it’s super opinionated but with good sense. Hallelujah, a sense of humour that isn’t full of manure.”
    Marjorie Harris
    Globe and Mail Columnist and author of Thrifty: Living The Frugal Life with Style

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