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Want to Grow Your Own Strawberries?

by | Jun 13, 2017 | Food, GARDENING, VIDEOS | 0 comments

Strawberries grown commercially are planted on soil that has been sprayed to sterilize it, killing all the life in the soil! Then the soil is covered with plastic and new plants are installed every year. This way, the fruit doesn’t rot before it can be picked.

Is there a simpler way to grow clean mineralized fruit at home without the mess and jumble of a big home berry patch or the chemicals used in a commercial patch? Donna shows her small flood-tray system  with root pouches inspired by Saskatchewn-based  “Over the HIll Orchards”  farmer Dean Kreutzer. Thanks Dean! I would love to visit you and see all your ingenious ideas!

Shortly after I posted this video, my strawberries ripened and both my puppy and the birds heard the news. To preserve some of the fruit for my own breakfast  my husband added protection. Old irrigation pipe, new irrigation pipe elbows and bird netting hang over the works, protecting berries from pests. A piece of board, attached to the netting, hangs free and can be lifted up and rested on the top pipes to allow easy picking by me. The dog and birds are out of luck.

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