Citrus Growing. As a Horticulturist and grower for 40 years in Alberta and British Columbia, Jane knows how to grow “Living Lettuce” and “Living Basil” perfectly. But as she approaches 60 she realizes she wants to retire from the hourly demands of hydroponics so she sells off her equipment, rebuilds the soil and plants citrus and other sub-tropicals in her existing greenhouse. 
Now six years later she grows and eats citrus year-round from her 6,000 square foot greenhouse and says “If you can keep them from freezing you can grow any of these varieties!” (Hint: most citrus will grow in your house if you can give them a cool space in winter.) Hear about Jane’s favourite citrus and how she supplies Chefs with her rare and unusual Finger Limes.
Guest: Jane Squier

Episode 3 – Canadian Citrus Growing: tips from a northern gardener

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