The most expensive spice in the world is saffron. Melinda and Simon decide to grow it because they are just starting to farm and are already in their 50’s. They need something simple, seasonal and high value.

And then there are the fires, the gophers and the discovery that the blooms have to be picked before the sun comes up. With over 200,000 plants and 18-20 blooms per plant that is a lot of midnight picking over a six-week season. Hear Melinda’s story and learn how to grow, harvest, store and cook the world’s most valuable spice this year.

Guest: Melinda Price

Note: Melinda Price sells saffron, crocus bulbs (called corms) and ideas. But she suggests if you are listening in Canada you buy corms from her friend Micheline Sylvestre, a Saffron Grower in Quebec. Micheline sells bulbs to Canadians:

Episode 1 – Growing Saffron: tips from the field

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