Introducing the Best Compost Bins

The speedbin was invented on Vancouver Island where rats are plentiful, but the are speedy and rodent proof wherever they are used.

Are you tired of having to knock  on your compost bin to scare the rats or mice away before you open the lid? Or have you seen squirrels chew through your plastic city-supplied compost bin, leaving easy rat-access holes?


Squirrel damage on compost bin. Now how are you going to keep the rodents out?

Then, like me, you are a gardener ready for an all-metal compost bin. No more rodents chewing and pushing their way in from the lid or sides. With a metal-grate bottom rodents can’t burrow up from under the bin either, although worms easily come up into food and green waste, adding to the richness of the compost.

Worms easily come up and into your mesh-bottomed  speedibin

Make your own rich compost in bins that are a cubic meter in size so they really do heat up and decompose food waste and trash from your garden. I used to offer Speedibins on MY SHOP page but the models, prices and styles keep changing with new innovations and supply-chain issues so Joyce at Speedibin offered me a coupon exclusively for my followers. Use the code DonnaB to get the discount.

If you want a $25.00 discount on this all-metal speedibin, go directly to the Speedibin shop HERE. Use coupon code: DonnaB for any model you choose from within the Speedibin shop. So easy. PS I have three bins already and love how speedy they really are.

It doesn’t take long to make compost in your speedibin but like other compost, it is even better when it is screened before use.

PS Thanks to my friend Lorne Kingwell for supplying the adorable squirrel photo – featured at the top of this blog post! Thanks Lorne. Love your photos!

The green speedibin fits perfectly into my vegetable garden with it’s locking lid that keeps the smarter pests, like racoons, at bay.