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Where: Wildwood Community Centre (4411 Spruce Dr SW)
When:April 21, 2018
What: Expert Gardener Series 1

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Expert Gardener Series 1 April 21, 2018
 with Chelsie Anderson and Donna Balzer

Back by popular demand. Learn to grow veggies in your own garden with the experts. Originally offered in January, this class is being repeated one day only so that if you haven’t heard the basics you can do it now before we run the second class on Sunday April 22 (the next day.)

Learn the basics including getting seed ready from your garden to plant (and save money!) as well as seeding your own micro greens, learning how to design a garden patch and discovering more about the mysterious world of soils.

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Part 1 (of a 2 part series) will be taught by Horticulturist Donna Balzer and expert gardener Chelsie Anderson. This mother daughter dynamic duo will walk you through gardening naturally, veggie garden design, how to grow vegetables in Calgary, vermicomposting and growing micro greens.

As part of a very hands-on day, you will start your own micro greens on site, learn to design the garden, clean your own seeds and go home with a signed copy of their new book the “Three Year Gardener’s Gratitude Journal”. There will be plenty of time for questions during this intimate-sized event.

When you sign up for part 1 and 2 at once you get a gift bag full of our favourite garden goods, including a “Root Pouch”, azomite, worm castings and a 1/2 size micro greens starting kit (valued at over $50)

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Chelsie and I are at different stages in our gardening career but we both feel grateful for our gardens and love to write. So this time we did it together in the Three Year Garden Gratitude Journal: Part Diary, Part Personal Growing Guide. Get a free copy of the book with the program when you attend.

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