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A Few Quick Notes on Clematis

by | Jun 7, 2018 | Flowers & Alpines, Landscaping Tips | 0 comments

Clematis : Quick Notes

Do you love clematis and it’s pretty blooms? The image above is a random Clematis photo taken as I walked by with my dog and mascot, Corle. I was struck by how lush it looked.

Willy Clematis is a hardy clematis in pruning type 1. It blooms early in the spring on old wood so do not prune it until it has finished blooming in the spring!

A friend of mine used to grow so many kinds of clematis, some spring blooming like Blue Boy,  Frankie and Willy  (Type “A” or type #1) and some late blooms like Jackmanii (Type “C” or #3). But in between there are the “B” type clematis (also called pruning group #2) that bloom on both old and new buds so they can bloom almost all year. So what am I trying to say?

An Assortment of Clematis in bloom in June at a friend’s house in Calgary. The early varieties tend to be smaller flowered than the late blooming Jackman types

If you see a clematis you like at a garden centre buy it. There are so many kinds and they seem to be in endless rotation so I don’t even put clematis names on my consulting lists any more. Instead, I suggest you choose the ones you like when you find them. If it is early colour you need try the ones that bloom on old wood (Type #1) and never ever cut them back in fall. Instead cut them as soon as they finish blooming in the spring. If you have trouble growing these plants buy pruning type “C” or #3). These can die back or be cut back right to the ground and still be in full bloom by fall.

PS Do you have questions about Clematis? Join in the conversation on my facebook live events every Monday.



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