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Where: CBC Radio Across BC
When: June 9, 2018
What: Is it too late to plant?

by | Jun 7, 2018 | past appearance |

Horticultural Expert  Donna Balzer chats with CBC host Sheryl Mackay again this weekend.  Last time she was on her show they discussed pruning tomatoes. Don’t miss the latest meeting of the minds this weekend on CBC radio across BC and online.

Thus weekend we’ll chat about starting late crops for continued success this summer.

We might also mention Donna’s new facebook LIVE event – the place where you can go and ask your garden questions in real time. Go to my  facebook page and make sure to like it so you get a notification! Don’t miss out. Listen up to see what you can and can’t do this weekend if you live and garden in BC.

Donna has gardened  in the Peace Country, has a sister in Invermere, a friend in Kelowna, and a son in Smithers, BC. She currently lives on Vancouver Island but she knows gardening changes with the location. Listen in and find out what to do now in your garden.

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Potatoes here chitting on my counter while some are already in the ground. Listen Live today to https://www.gardenlady.com/radio/ to hear what is new and happening!

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