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Want To Grow More Food? Grow on a Trellis

Want To Grow More Food? Grow on a Trellis

With gardens getting smaller and food getting more costly, everyone wants to make room to grow more food in less space. Well guess what? If you have 50″ and a gap between your planting beds you can set up an arbour for under $100.00 in less than an hour.  Of course i wanted one in my own garden so we made an episode of Little Jobs in the Garden to show you how I did it .

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TREE FALL CARE: Simpler than you think

TREE FALL CARE: Simpler than you think

When I wake up in the morning I am usually thirsty. My body has gone 8 or more hours without water and I need a drink right away. It turns out trees aren’t that different, except depending on the location they may go 8 long months without water. This is why Calgary arborist Kevin Lee waters his trees well in the fall.

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When a Good Bug Goes Bad: A Good Gardener Can Make it Right

When a Good Bug Goes Bad: A Good Gardener Can Make it Right

I am watching ladybugs eat my aphids and I am patting myself on the back. And then I see it’s a bad version of a good bug. How can that be possible in my all-organic beautiful garden? Yikes. We all know and love lady beetles and children’s rhymes have even been written for them…”Fly away, fly away, fly away home…”  But who knew a positive role model, known to eat aphids in our garden,  could go bad? Like bunnies in Australia this beetle is snapping up habitat and pushing our own native beetles aside! Luckily, says Ken Fry, this bug is not everywhere.  “This species is well established in the coastal areas of B.C., favouring humid environments. It is only rarely found in Alberta (too arid).” Find out more about how you can encourage native predators and why you should stop buying lady beetles for your garden.

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