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S2 Episode 9 – The Natural Gardener

Helping Gardeners Grow: The Podcast
Helping Gardeners Grow: The Podcast
S2 Episode 9 - The Natural Gardener

Guest: Chelsie Anderson, Chelsie’s Garden SOIL-utions

Big Idea:

Maintain Your Garden Naturally

Topic Today: 

helsie Anderson has been gardening for clients and for herself for almost twenty years and during that time she has spent a lot of time in nature and considers herself a natural gardener. Before she tackles something in the garden she always asks herself: “What would mother nature do?”

“Instead of sterilizing spaces or cementing everything over, you’re creating spaces that work for all kinds of critters, whether that be the pollinators or whether that be the predator bugs. You want all these kinds of helping hands to come in so that all the burden isn’t on you, the gardener.”

From raking leaves to composting them there are a lot of things the natural gardener can do but what if you have to buy compost? Chelsie says “So one of the things you really want to do when choosing a good compost is really use your nose. If it smells bad, if it reminds you of poop or something equally repulsive, don’t put it on your garden.”Email Chelsie : [email protected]


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Music in every episode is by Donna’s son, Brennan Anderson, a musician in Smithers, British Columbia, Canada. Season 2 has all new music so thank-you Brennan!


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