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S2 Episode 5 – Save Seeds: they will adapt

Helping Gardeners Grow: The Podcast
Helping Gardeners Grow: The Podcast
S2 Episode 5 - Save Seeds: they will adapt

Guest: Sal Dominelli, Sweet Rock Farms

Big Idea:

Saving Your own seeds makes you part of the solution for worldwide food security.

Topic Today: 

“It took a pandemic for us to realize that things are not going to continue on the way they were and that we need to be more self-reliant. So, as a country and as a province and as a community, we need to start growing more of our own food and we need to start saving more of our own seeds because seeds are the base of the food chain.”

Sal is a seed farmer on Gabriola Island in British Columbia. He has been gardening and farming for 25 years so he has loads of ideas to help us grow better food. “It’s really important to have some local food resilience, and the base of the food chain is seeds.”

Sal makes a living selling seeds but he also wants us to save our own open pollinated seeds. “If we all do a little bit, it’ll make our food system way more resilient to the food shocks that are most surely going to come in the next few years.”


BC Eco-seed co-op

Contact Sal: [email protected]

Sweet Rock Farms website:

Instagram: @sweetrockfarm

phone: 250-713-9041

Sweet Rock Farm Varieties mentioned on the podcast include: Jade bean, Black cocoa bean, Black mountain Watermelon, Ardwina tomatoes, Black cherry tomatoes, Waltham broccoli, Red Russian Kale, dinosaur kale.

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Music in every episode is by Donna’s son, Brennan Anderson, a musician in Smithers, British Columbia, Canada. Season 2 has all new music so thank-you Brennan!


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  1. Definitely rotate if you can…. if the space is too limited you have to be more creative. This is where I first read about straw bale gardens – in a really old (1930’s) garden book. The bales were added on top of soil when the gardener didn’t have a way to rotate. Of course there are some really good fertilizers now but the disease pressure is sometimes too much. So yes – rotating is good if you can do it.

  2. What are your thoughts on crop rotation ? Thank u for your time

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What Would Donna Do?

Get my growing and gardening tips and pointers throughout the season.

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