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S2 Episode 12- Home Garden Livestock Part 2: Ducks

Helping Gardeners Grow: The Podcast
Helping Gardeners Grow: The Podcast
S2 Episode 12- Home Garden Livestock Part 2: Ducks

Guest: Cameron Ezzy, Slugsnbugs Canada

Big Idea:

Ducks Eat Slugs

Topic Today: 

In part 1 of livestock in the Home Garden we looked at renting chickens. Believe me, there is a huge benefit to having livestock in your home garden, but what if you can’t maintain it full-time or if your city or town doesn’t allow livestock? Home Garden Livestock part two looks at the benefits of renting ducks.

“When I see chickens, they seem to be digging”

“Well, that’s what chickens do. Chickens put their feet out and then pull backwards, putting their claws and toes or whatever they are down in [the soil] and ripping the ground apart looking for bugs. Whereas the duck is putting his bill into the soil and [moving] it [from] side to side and finding anything in that soil or using their eyes (like they were doing at your place) and picking slugs off the side of pots or straight off the ground.

Ducks are not focussed on ripping the soil apart to find their food”

This is part 2 of Livestock in the garden: ducks. They certainly seem less destructive in the garden than chickens. Consider renting or owning ducks to help you and your garden.


Cameron Ezzy: call 1-250-792-5605 or message Cam on his facebook page.


Instagram: slugsnbugscanada

Reference about Ducks Changing Sex:

Breeds Discussed: Welsh Harlequin Ducks ( and Khaki Campbell (

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