Where:  Victoria Seedy SaturdayWhen:February 16, 2019What:  Growing Food Under Cover

Where: Victoria Seedy Saturday
When:February 16, 2019
What: Growing Food Under Cover

Growing Food Under Cover: Tips & Tricks for Victoria Gardeners. Extend the season and grow food year-round in your home and garden this year. Learn from the many years of experience Donna brings to the table and delight in a range of ideas from cheap to elaborate that can help you grow food faster. From micro-greens to lemons, Donna has grown it all and is here to share ideas and encourage you to grow food faster under cover.

Where:  Campbell River Garden ClubWhen:November 6, 2019What: Put Your Money Where Your Mouth is: Grow Food

Where: Campbell River Garden Club
When:November 6, 2019
What: Put Your Money Where Your Mouth is: Grow Food

Clean fresh food is a basic human right so lets all grow something to be proud of. I love to grow everything in the cabbage family because what could be better than fresh broccoli and cauliflower? “But what about the bugs?” everyone asks. Find out how I grow bug-free Kale, Cabbage, Sesame, Watermelons and Lemons in my greenhouse and outdoors. Put Your Money where your mouth is and grow fresh food now.