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Past Appearances

Where: 770 Lets Talk Gardening Radio Show
When:May 6, 2018
What: Garden Phone-In Radio Show on 770 Radio

Horticultural Experts Joanne Dafoe and Meryl Coombs chat with Donna Balzer at 10:00 AM (MST) live on Sunday morning May 6th, 2018. We’ll talk about the Three Year Gardener’s Gratitude Journal: Part Diary, Part Personal Growing Guide and any other garden question you have in mind! Don’t miss out. Call in to the show at 403-974-8255 between 10:00 AM and 10:30 on May 6th to chat with Donna.

Where: CBC Radio Across BC
When:May 19, 2018
What:It’s the Long Weekend – Is it Warm Enough to Plant?

Horticultural Expert Donna Balzer chats with CBC host Sheryl Mackay on the long weekend – May 19th, 2018. We’ll chat about gardening in British Columbia over the long weekend and the launch of Donna’s new facebook LIVE event on Monday May 21, 2018 on her facebook page ! Don’t miss out. Listen up to see what you can and can’t do this weekend if you live and garden in BC.

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