Classic Speedibin Composter

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Safe, Easy Composting with Classic Speedibin.
All metal construction with powder coating.
Rodent resistant – animals can’t chew through it.
5 year warranty and lasts about 25 years!
Easy assembly, easy to use.
Turn waste to rich black loam speedily.
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Safe, Easy Composting with Speedibin
Making compost with your Speedibin Composter.Speedibin – showing the top and back removed for easy access. The Speedibin composter enables you to convert garden and kitchen refuse into rich compost in one to three months (longer in colder weather) without attracting mice, rats, raccoons, etc. Its 405 litres (107 US gallons) is ideal for most home owners, small enough to fit unobtrusively into a corner, yet large enough to heat up and work efficiently. It keeps moisture in, rain out, and is well ventilated. Both the lid and front door can be removed. Easy access to the whole pile makes aerating, essential for fast aerobic decomposition, safe and easy on the back. When you want to use the compost, simply slide up the front door to access the bottom or remove the front door completely to easily shovel out your compost. Made from baked enamel, pre-coated metal, it will give many years of trouble-free service.

How Speedibin Works
The Speedibin assists and speeds the natural decomposition of organic wastes brought about by hundreds of different kinds of micro-organisms. They all work eventually but the more desirable microbes, which produce faster, less smelly action, require a warm, moist, dark, well-aerated, thoroughly mixed blend of organics containing the right proportions of nitrogen, carbon, oxygen and water. The time taken for kitchen and garden wastes to convert into rich, earth-like compost is proportional to the degree to which this environment is attained.

4 reviews for Classic Speedibin Composter

  1. Donna Balzer

    Yes! I love my speedibin too… Well actually I have two. One is good but two are better.

  2. Abby McLennan

    The Speedibin is an effective rodent proof backyard composter. It’s design is easy to use, both in adding material and in removing finished compost. We’ve been working with the same Speedibin for 6 years and it’s holding up great. The simplicity in the design and the durable material makes it a long lasting product that holds up to the corrosive nature of composting food scraps and being outside in the elements.

  3. Donna Balzer

    Thanks Joyce. We love your bins too!
    Donna B

  4. Donna Balzer

    Yes- the rat-free feature is a favourite of mine! And in Alberta where rats are absent (so far) the speedibin keeps out gnawing squirrels.
    Donna B

  5. Donna

    “For those who have been visited by a rat or want a very strong bin, this metal composter is a wonderful alternative to plastic.”
    – City Farmer News, July 2011

  6. Donna

    “You and your Dad have a great design for a composter that works and is scientifically and is environmentally sound.”
    – Patty Rose Contract Educator at the CSWM Comox Valley Compost Education Centre

  7. Donna

    “I have used three Speedbin composters since 1993, moved three times with them and now have six that we use on our acreage. They make beautiful compost.

    I probably shouldn’t admit this in public but I compost fish, prawns, dairy and even our thanksgiving turkey carcass in our bins. We have never had a rodent problem in our bins even though I have seen them lurking in the neighbourhood.

    In terms of durability, it looks like we will get more than 30 years life out of the bins. One of the three has a spot on a side panel that is corroding, probably where I have dinged it with the garden fork a few times but I’m sure I will get another ten years out of it. The others are in even better shape and will probably work for over 30 years. When we finally retire them, we will recycle them as scrap metal.

    I think one of the reasons that the Speedbin works so well is that water condenses on the metal roof so that in warm weather, when moisture in our compost is a concern, the condensate rains down onto the compost inside the bin keeping the moisture levels good. I think this doesn’t happen as effectively in a plastic bin. Ever notice how long it takes for plastic containers to dry? Since the bottom is a screen, excess moisture drains away. And more importantly, micro-organisms and worms transfer readily.

    My goal is to feed ourselves by at least 20% from our property and the Speedibins are an integral part of that goal.

    My total satisfaction with the Speedibins is a driving incentive for me to carry on with this family business.”
    – Joyce McMenamon, managing partner with Fresh Earth Products and daughter of the inventor

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