Root Pouches – Set of 3 – 10 Gallon


Set of 3 – 10 Gallon Root Pouches with handles
This size available in grey colour only. Grow 3-5 herbs or small vegetables per bag. Have you tried growing shade-loving vegetables under trees? These bags keep tree roots out so place them on top of mulch and start growing vegetables under your trees!
This size bag also works well for shrubs or small trees. Place root pouches over flood trays (or anything that holds water) to keep soil moist. Remember, unlike plastic pots, root pouches will breathe and allow oxygen to reach roots. These bags are better than shopping bags or burlap bags because they will last for years and bring joy to a generation of growers.
38 Litre

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Gardeners often choose to grow in containers when space for a traditional soil garden is limited or has undesirable traits like limited sun or poor soil. Containers also offer an alternative food source for the health and environmentally conscious urbanite with access to a sunny balcony or apartment rooftop. School gardens can be created instantly with individual or class-sized gardens. Either way when space is limited and your garden needs to be ‘contained’ it is important to remember you have growing options! Root Pouch fabric containers are perfect for flowers, fruits and vegetables.

Root Pouch grow bags are made from 100% recycled water bottles. They are a permanent way to extend and expand your garden-growing area simply and easily. Root pouches are BPA free and UV resistant so they are safe for growing food, will last for many years and are machine washable. They are also ideal for growing over tree roots without risk of root invasion.

Raised beds are great for warming soil and speeding along plant growth. Root Pouch is a simple raised-bed system, perfect for growing on patios or making use of tight spaces in small gardens. Growing fussy or disease-prone plants like potatoes? The soil can easily be changed or improved in root pouch grow bags. Want to grow a garden without physically building raised beds and using materials like wood that break down and rot in just a few years? Root Pouch is your lightweight solution for creating instant gardens.

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Set of 2

set of 2


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